Interview with Nina Maric – The Artist Behind the Brand Chic on Paper

Interview With Nina Maric - The Artist Behind the Brand Chic on Paper
Chic on Paper


On this episode I talk to Nina Maric, the artist behind the brand  Chic on Paper – an illustration business.  Nina also specializes in portraits, animations, brand work and anything that involves bringing out beauty in art form.

She will be sharing her back-story, how drawing is not just work but a meditative process that helps her relax and also some of the challenges she’s faced  as a freelancer.

She mentions that there is no such thing as perfection and the reason why people are low on confidence is because of the fear of not attaining perfection. At the end of episode she offers advice and tips to help people who are passionate about art that can be applied to many other careers as well.

It is such an insightful conversation; you don’t want to miss out!

My Interview With Nina Maric


0:10- So tell the audience your name and a little more about what it is that you do in your business.

0:39- Have you been drawing your whole your life?

2:27- So there was that period where you were not specifically drawing. How did you feel during that time?

3:11- What sparked that to happen again?

12:11- How does it feel to know that there are people out there putting your art on their wall?

12:58- Let me ask you the last piece of advice oriented question whether it’s someone that’s barely maybe getting into college or someone that has to put it on hold in their life for that moment advise them on not giving up or what route to take?

18:15- Before you go tell me about some products that you can’t live without?

19:23- What are you wearing right now (perfume)?

22:18- Are there any illustrators or artists that inspire you?

23:23- What would be next for you or what styles of art you are considering venturing into?



“Keep commitment to your passion”

“All it takes to get started is that first step”

“There is no shortcut to anything”

“Experiences build us into what we are”

“There’s always enough space for everybody”



Connect with Nina:

Website: https://www.chiconpaper.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chiconpaper/ 

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Artists that inspire Nina:
Jessica Durant
Karrie Hess

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