Editors’ Picks: Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals

As a busy mother always on the go, I’ve discovered one major necessity in my closet: sandals. Between long walks and Anthony’s toddler summer activities, I find myself prioritizing my need for shoes that can keep up with a hectic mommy’s lifestyle over yearning for what all the it girls are wearing. And while fast fashion can be tempting, buying chic but cheap sandals isn’t a cost-effective solution in the long haul. In the past, I never fully appreciated how essential a good pair of sandals can be in a gal’s closet.

But now, I buy my shoes with intention, using the same mindset I use to decide on wardrobe must-haves; does the quality of this shoe match its price? Does this match my personal style while being practical? When it comes to a truly good pair of sandals, nothing quite tops a simple, well-made pair that can be worn many ways; whether it’s with your closet essentials, or your favorite staples. I am constantly on the search for great brands that make amazing but cost-effective sandals.

Editors’ Picks: Summer Sandals

Here is a list of fashion-forward shoe brands I’ve recently discovered. I’ve been eyeing these sandals so much, I wanted to share. Indulge in a pair; they’re to cause shoe-envy among friends!