Rachel Zoe Fall 2018 READY-TO-WEAR Collection

Rachel Zoe is a stylist turned designer and all-around girl boss who epitomizes female strength. So it’s no surprise that, amidst the wake of the #MeToo movement, she decided to use this theme as the underlying trend for her Fall 2018 runway collection. Rachel Zoe  brought New York Fashion Week to the West Coast, premiering her ready-to-wear collection in Los Angeles on February 7th. She incorporated some of the biggest trends of the season — from sharp-tailored suits to sleek silk dresses and sporty chic ensembles — along with touches of her signature Rock N’ Roll style. Featuring plush fabrics met with a rich palette of deep gem hues and plenty metallic gold, the collection was a sun-kissed combination of must-have essentials for girl bosses who live in the social scene. It combined the two extremes of the female fashion spectrum, flowing seamlessly between ultra feminine, sleek gowns and tailored suits and separates. This collection is sure to be a winner among Rachel Zoe’s tight knit cult of flirty and fabulous women of all ages.