How to keep your hair healthy

How to keep your hair healthy for all hair types

There’s nothing quite like having luscious, glossy hair, and with a little care and attention you can achieve it. Although certain hair types require specific attention in certain aspects of hair care, there is plenty that we should all be doing to keep our locks in tiptop condition. Let’s check out a few top hair care tips to keep yours looking beautiful.

Pay regular visits to your hairdresser

Visiting your hairdresser is not only great when you want a restyle; it’s vital for keeping your hair in great condition too. In the main that’s because split ends weaken the strands and what’s left is a one-way ticket to further damage. In addition to clipping away the frayed ends your stylist will also be able to give you plenty of top hair care tips for your specific type.

Know when to wash (and how)

One of the worst things you can do to your hair is overuse shampoo, as this can strip it of natural oils and lead to dryness. Limiting washing with the bubbles to twice a week is a good idea, three times max if your hair type can handle it.

In addition to how often you need to wash your hair, how you wash it is key too. A rinse-out conditioner will help keep your hair glossy, and using cool water rather than hot will also help lock in the moisture. On the days when you’re not using the bubbles you can use a dry shampoo to freshen things up if need be.

Treat yourself

Any guide to beauty should involve a little pampering and one of the best hair care tips that involves treating yourself is a weekly deep conditioning treatment. All you have to do is run a nice hot bath and let the conditioner do its work whilst you soak away the stresses of the day. Look for products enriched with essential oils like coconut, avocado and peppermint to give your hair a healthy boost.

Be protective

No matter how often you get your hair trimmed, how often you use shampoo, or how often you deep condition your locks are still at risk of damage if you don’t protect them from the weather and from heat created indoors. Wearing a hat or headscarf to protect your hair from the elements, both in summer and winter, is a must, as is the need to protect it from hot water and heat styling tools.

As a general rule of thumb you should use warm or even cool water to wash and be careful not to overuse your tongs, straighteners and dryers. When you do use them, a heat

protecting spray will help provide a bit of a barrier and lessen the risk of dryness and damage.

There you have it, four great tips that’ll help you keep your locks healthy no matter your hair type.

If you want more advice you can see more hair care tips here.

Put these into practice and your hair is going to thank you.

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  1. Bay Area Fashionista says:

    These are such great tips!! The cold rinse is so hard for me, but I need to do it!


  2. Anna English says:

    This is such a great reminder now that we are moving into spring/ summer!

  3. Lauryn Lasko says:

    I have to take extra care of my hair or it dries out quickly!

  4. I love protective hairstyles — why I wear braids so much. But deep conditioning is also a great idea. All of these are wonderful tips. Remember to massage your scalp, too!


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