Editor’s Corner: Summer to Fall Transitional Style

Summer to Fall Transitional Style

The Fall Edit: Essential Transitional Pieces

Autumn, is that you?! We’re more than half way through Summer, which means that Fall is right on our heels (pun intended). Mid-August to early-September can be a confusing time for fashionistas — while some gals go full fledge into Fall fashion, others are fighting to hold on to every bit of Summer that they can. This is the time to shop smart. But as tempting as those vibrant floral print maxis can be, it’s time to find those key transitional items that will take your closet style from Summer to Fall with ease.
As I always say, having a closet full of essential, multifaceted items should always be the ultimate motive behind every shopping decision. In fact, transitional fashion is all about layering and accessorizing. Once you know what you have in your closet and add a few key pieces into the mix, you’ll have outfits for days!

Here are favorite places to shop Fall style. Check them out — many of them have great Fall sales! 

I created this Fall Edit to share some of my favorite year-round transitional items with you all in hopes that it will help you build your dream closet. So click to shop anything you like and check out my tips for preparing to transition your closet below!

Summer to Fall Transitional Style

Style Tips: The 3 ’S’ of Summer-to-Fall Fashion 

Sorting: Sort through your closet then put away those peak Summer items that you no longer need. So throw away any items that you haven’t worn in 5 or more months to make room for the amazing new pieces you’ll be adding!
Shopping: Then after taking a look through what you’ve got, shop for key items that will fill in any blanks. In fact, it’s always good to shop for basics and essentials — they NEVER go out of style!
Stacking: AKA ‘Layering.’ Take some of your favorite Summer pieces and give them an Autumn feel. For instance, layer them with duster coats, vests, other outerwear and accessories.




Shop these essential transitional pieces and more fall favorites below: