Natalia Loren Blassio

Hi friends, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m deeply passionate about beauty and wellness, always searching for products that can simplify my routines as I juggle the roles of mom, wife, grad student, and part-time lifestyle blogger.

This blog is where I unleash my creativity and connect with like-minded individuals worldwide. From offering practical beauty and mental wellness tips to sharing fashion edits and snippets of my daily life, my goal is to provide authentic and relatable content from the perspective of a busy woman.

I firmly believe in the power of shared knowledge!

That’s why I’m excited to introduce my new Podcast which inspires conversations about life as we know and show it. Along with solo episodes, I’ll be blending my own experiences with the expertise of others across various fields. Together, we’ll explore the best ideas, products, tips, and tricks to help us look and feel our best while saving valuable time and effort.

the QUIZ

tea vs coffee


usually craving

favorite place in the world

Favorite Brunch Spot

il Tramezzino

Sneakers or Heels

Perfect date idea

can’t live without

Guilty Pleasure

watching Bravo TV