Resort 2018: Dior

Christian Dior hosted the first ever fashion show at the gorgeous Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Reserve in beautiful Calabasas, California. Chiuri publicly noted that the location was selected after she found inspiration in the Dior archives when she happened across the founder’s Lascaux 1951 collection. That collection had been inspired by ancient cave paintings found in southwestern France. Chiuri noted that Monsieur Dior’s designs reminded her of this part of L.A.

Chiuri used Lascaux’s sketches to build a wide selection of New Look ponchos, fur intarsias, and silk jacquard creations for the latest showcase.

She has been widely known to infuse classic Dior designs with modern feminist undertones—creating the perfect combo between the two. For her latest inspiration, Chiuri got back to basics with tarot illustrations and leather perfectos. Noble was also well-known for his love of the tarot.

Chiuri paired off with Stephen Jones who created uniquely designed topper hats and double-faced cashmere coats.

Chiuri also presented some more subtle pieces like mid-length silhouette coats, which are a stable of O’Keefee’s shows.

Unlike her fall showcase in Paris last year, this collection was diverse, colorful, and well-textured. It seems the designer is making good on her promise to create forward momentum in her line.