A Look Back: My Maternity Style + Pregnancy Tips

Two and a half years ago, I gave birth to my boy Anthony. I can’t imagine my life now without him, but getting pregnant was a huge lifestyle shift for me — and my wardrobe. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on an entirely new wardrobe that I would only wear for nine months. But I didn’t want to halt my style by wearing clothes that I didn’t like, either. Pregnancy style was an entirely new challenge for me, but by picking out my favorite versatile go-to’s and mixing in a few good (and affordable) finds, I was able to maintain my style, bump and all, with ease.


My journey to perfect pregnancy style was a long one. Learn from my trial & error by following my top tips for perfecting maternity style:

Pull Your Favorite (Stretchy or Oversized) Essentials from Your Closet

Everyone owns a good set of comfortable stretchy/oversized pieces  that stay in rotation. The best thing about these pieces is that they can help you transition seamlessly into maternity style — and keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. Gather all of these items, including cardigans, tanks, t-shirts, leggings, etc., and put them in the front of your wardrobe for easy access.

Look for Maternity Style Sections at Your Favorite Places to Shop

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it! We all have our favorite places to shop and while we may not know it, most of them have great maternity sections. Look through your favorite store or site to find maternity-friendly versions of your favorite seasonal trends so your style stays up to date! Some of my favorite budget-friendly places to shop for trendy pieces 65y4trduring my pregnancy include H&M, Target, and ASOS.

Some of my favorite places to splurge for maternity wear include Isabella Oliver and Soon Maternity.

Make Accessories the Focal Point of Your Looks

During my pregnancy, I loved keeping everything simple. I repeated a lot of the same pieces, so I relied more than ever on my accessories to add flare to my simple looks.

Stock up on Cozy Loungewear & Basic Essentials

Comfort should always come first, and it’s universally known that a good pair of yoga pants are about as cozy as it gets. While it’s typically advised to avoid wearing yoga pants everyday, maternity style goes by a different set of rules. Always have a few pairs of maternity pants and some maxi dresses in your rotation. But in the earlier months of your pregnancy, your favorite pair of yoga pants (styled correctly) will work just fine.