Resort 2018: Tibi

Tibi Resort 2018 Collection

The Quintessential Loungewear Collection for the Structured Minimalist

There’s an elegant yet edgy simplicity that is signature to the Tibi aesthetic. Boxy silhouettes, blends of rich textures, and oversized layers have remained consistent key points of the brand’s recent collections, capped off with subdued hues and moderate dashes of color. The Resort 2018 collection is a fun surprise. With the incorporation of way more color than we’ve seen from Tibi to date. Explore this collection and find a healthy serving of fun tropical colors, mix-matched harmoniously with a sophistication that only Tibi can pull off with their signature modest yet structured silhouettes.

In fact, there’s more of a sporty vibe seen in this collection. Taking notes from the major athleisure trend that has been dominating the runway and street style alike. Taking everyday essentials and elevates them with the ‘Tibi’ touch. Corsetted designs, subtle ruching and a healthy serving of ruffles are just a few examples. Although this is a resort collection, it is perfectly suited for the businesswoman who likes to be comfortable and casual while keeping it stylishly professional.

The Tibi Resort 2018 collection is currently available for purchase via Moda Operandi. Its initial release on the site happened immediately after its initial debut. Tibi is now one of many high-end brands that are finally answering the call of the modern day fashion enthusiast. Who makes their biggest purchase decisions right after their initial introduction to new collections and releases. By making major collection releases shoppable for purchase immediately after their appearance on the runway, it seems like fashion is finally moving with the times and taking advantage of the possibilities tech can provide in ushering a new era of prosperity for the fashion industry.

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