Winter 2017 boomeranged the Louvre pyramid with the gleaming and dazzling designs of one of the leading brands around the world. That is none other than our very own Louis Vuitton. The French brand was invited inside the Louvre’s central Cour Marley to display its spectacular range of designs with whimsical color palettes and ravishing patterns. The mastermind behind this amazing brand is Nicholas Ghesquiere, who made his utmost efforts to take the label to new heights of fame and limelight. As a leading brand, LV has done an excellent job presenting a whimsical range in its collection for winter 2016/2017.

Living up to the expectations of LV lovers and fans, Nicholas has launched a theme-based collection that not only rocked the venue with huge applause but also touched the hearts of LV lovers and made them fall for the brand once again. Not only did they nail the designs and collection, but the intelligent designer also lined up quality music tracks that further embellished the theme and amused the audience with sweet melodies. He opened his show with Kenji Kawai’s haunting opening track for classic anime film “Ghost in the Shell” and ended on “Pyramids”, a track from Channel Orange. The designer created a whole scene to fit in his majestic range, so it would appeal to the audience and gather lots of appreciation.

This season, LV was all about furs, ranging from cropped fur jackets to full-on power fur ensembles. It was Nicholas’s fresh venture with furs, and he went majestic and whimsical. Another theme launched by the genius designer was a monogrammed inspired line of clothing that added a robust and bold look to the overall collection. The collection stood out with motocross-inspired leather jackets adorned with chains, and metallic tool box bags to give a techno look. LV was the only brand to indulge in portraying moto-sports with such conviction and urge.

Other LV designs followed up with liquid metallics designed as silky satin dresses in gold, Tiffany blue, and ivory, while others were in shiny plaids. As mentioned above, Nicholas played with furs this season and portrayed them in different looks. Some of the looks were boxy square-shouldered jackets in ivory and brown, feathery black capes, and pink shag goat fur. Others were like Navajo jackets and sporty track outfits with colored leggings. This outstanding range spiced up the gleaming venue.

This majestic range was haute couture in which the designer played with the palettes and designs to attract the audience. The designs, outfits, venue, and music were all smart choices and were expertly paired with each other. After the final walk, Nicholas came out in a fitted navy blue jacket and blue jeans as a final show of the lavish taste of his brand.