Resort 2018: LV

This year’s Louis Vuitton Resort show was everything it should have been and in my humble opinion Ghesquiere’s strongest collection yet. Perched inside one of Japan’s breathtaking green valley’s just an hour’s drive from Kyoto, the location was none other than the Miho Museum. Designed by world-famous architect I.M. Pei, the museum was the ideal location to debut this collection’s Japanese inspired aesthetics.

The infusion of Japanese urban culture and stunning natural landscapes set the perfect tone for the showcase. The collection was said to be one of the riskiest that Vuitton has taken on. Japanese inspired pieces like sequined dresses and Kabuki-eyed handbags all designed by Kansai Yamamoto were a key staple throughout the show.

Yamamoto was seated in the front row with the likes of Michelle Williams, Isabelle Huppert and other A-list celebrities. Ghesquiere, the current creative director for Vuitton, is connected to Yamamoto via his daughter who is friends with Yamamoto’s daughter. The collaboration for this showcase was a natural fit.

Ghesquiere was equally inspired by Japan itself, and as a country that he has travelled to often over the past twenty years it only makes sense he would tackle it’s aesthetic at least once in his current role. Japanese styled prints, textures, and a hint of individuality all played a role in the final show.

Other favorites of the show were hourglass blazers, boyish, cropped bottoms that barley graze the hips. Dresses were laid back but all tailoring was structured with powerful shoulder lines. Colorful jeans and lace slips were also a big part of the show.

No doubt celebrities will adore this latest collection from Louis Vuitton.