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“Nothing makes me happier than creating an outlet for the everyday woman to explore every corner of fashion and be inspired to discover her own sense of style.” – Natalia Loren, Creative Director
Fashion trends should not define your style — they should influence it.


This was a battle I constantly faced throughout the discovery of my own sense of style; wanting to be trendy but feeling like I NEVER had anything to wear. That’s when I realized that a wardrobe is nothing out with a good set of essentials. By going back to the basics, I found a wardrobe that worked for my lifestyle while helping me define exactly what my personal style is — not only was I able to feel more confident in what I was wearing, but I was finally able to understand the true meaning of personal style and the influence the fashion world has on it .I want my readers to experience their own style journeys — and fashion at large —  in this same way. It’s time that we, as everyday women, take a look at fashion from a new lens. Together, let’s learn to shop and experience fashion content with intention. I hope to inspire you to take the content you find here — from runway reports to style edits — and make it your own!




Do you wear hair extensions?

No, I stopped wearing them right after I had Anthony because my hair got pretty long. However, I highly recommend Barefoot Blonde Hair

What do you use to curl your hair?

The Jose Eber 25mm Clipless Curling Iron . It was the iron I learned how to curl my hair with and I still can’t live without it!  Get a few pro styling tips and read a little more about this magic wand HERE.

How tall are you?

I am 5 ft 3in

You speak Spanish in some of your videos, are you hispanic?

Yes, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shortly after my first birthday my parents decided to move to California and we’ve been here since!

Do you have advice for new bloggers?

I get this question a lot on Instagram and therefore have considered creating a series. Send me any specific questions you have HERE and in the meantime here are 3 quick tips I learned after MUCH trial and error: